Beauty Products I Regret Buying

I love buying new beauty products. I find products I love, and I also find some I hate. Here is the list of a few products I would not recommend purchasing.


Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

I think this is my least favorite mascara ever. I had heard so many good things about this, and when I purchased it was so excited to use it. As soon as I swiped it on my lashes they had turned into clumpy spider lashes. The brush was so hard to use, and the formula was so thick I couldn’t even work with it. I’m usually a huge fan of Maybelline, but they let me down with this one.



Urban Decay Ink For Eyes Liquid Liner

I have been trying to find the perfect liquid liner, and my search continues. The first time I applied it I thought it was great. The color was opaque and it dried quickly. As soon as I opened it the next day the color was faded and dried out. Keep in mind I had closed the lid properly. Maybe it was just that tube, but for $20 I won’t be repurchasing.


MAC Lipglass

MAC and I have a huge love/hate relationship. Some products I love, and some I loathe. One of my least favorite from them was their lip glass line. The formula was so sticky I think opening my mouth was difficult. I also found the application of the lip glass to be very streaky. The color was clearly not as vibrant as expected, and was a mess to apply.

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