My Weekend: Bridal Shower

The bridal shower finally came, and it went great! The night went incredibly smoothly, and there wasn’t a hiccup. Over all the process was so much fun, but also so exhausting. I was drained at the end of all this, and needed a day of sleep. We started by decorating the venue in yellow and pink decor, and everything centered around that. The bride came out and we gave presents, had dinner, cake, and than danced 🙂 We handed out our chocolate party favors, and that was it! It was an amazing process, and I highly recommend throwing someone a bridal shower when you have the chance

I also invited a friend of mine to it, which you will see in the pictures below! I wore an olive green dress with beaded detail, and it was so beautiful! I also got my hair done that morning which was light loose curls with a dutch braid in the side. The day was hectic, but if you are doing an event, I totally think you should try and get your hair or makeup done. It takes so much stress off you so you don’t have to worry about getting ready.


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