Travel Diary: New York City

Day One:

Hello lovelies! This is gonna be my first travel diary! This series will have about four posts, and I’m gonna show you my spring break in NYC.


So I woke up around 9 to get ready, and get to the airport. Our flight was around 12, and we wanted to get to the airport by 10. I really wanted a comfy outfit so I went with tight boyfriend jeans, with a loose tucked in top and cardigan. It was quite warm in NC, so I brought a jacket alon with me which I bought from Banana Republic.


We finally got out of the airport and to our hotel at around 2! We stayed at the Mariot Marquee, and it is such a beautiful hotel. Our view was so beautiful out looking Times Square. As soon as we got to the hotel, we went out to lunch. We wanted to keep it pretty casual and got some gyro street food, and it was pretty good! I literally have a food baby from it…

After eating, we walked around and went to a couple stores including a cute coffee shop where I ordered a hot chocolate and the M and M store, which I got a tumblr from. At around 5 we went back to the hotel to chill cause I was exhausted!


At around this time we decided it was time for dinner! I had been really wanting Korean BBQ so we decided to go to Korea town! It was so delicious, the food was quite pricy, but so amazing and tasty. After diner we wanted desert so we went to serendipity 3. One peice of advice, make sure you’re not on a diet. The food was so heavy and I literally wanted to throw up…. It was amazing, but I over ate so much! At our 12 we finally got back to the hotel, and went to sleep!

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