My April Playlist


Music is a big part in my life. All my friends laugh at my music taste, because it’s so unlike my personality. I love listening to a lot of R&B, Rap, but also love Acoustic and Alternative stuff! I have a huge appreciation for all music, and I thought I’d share what’s been on repeat lately.

Somebody Else- The 1975- As someone who writes music this is actual lyrical genius. The beat is amazing, and the lyrics are so reletable. It’s one of those songs, that really get you to feel the music which isn’t always easy to do

Mind Of Mine- Zayn Malik- This whole album is amazing. I was a huge 1D fan in middle school, I know we all have our boy band phase, but I’m so glad hes transitioned into what I’m into. His songs are very R&B, and his lyrics are chill. My personal favs off the album are She Don’t Love Me, She, TIO, Borders, and Bright. As you can see I basically love the whole album.

Borderline- Vanic- I love chill trap, it really just calms everything, and is just so emotional. I’m a huge fan of this song, it’s a great steady song for anything. The lyrics aren’t really amazing, but it’s a great overall song

G-Eazy- You could literally play anything by him and I would be happy. He’s one of my favorite musicians. My favorites right now are Some Kind Of Drug, Calm Down, Order More, Loaded, Everything Will Be OK,  and Lady Killers. I get a lot of people think his music is basic, but if you really listen to some of his songs his lyrics are full of emotion. I stand behind everything he makes though haha

Spirits- The Strumbells- This song is amazing. It has a huge acoustic vibe, and the whole song is just cute. It’s a great chill doing homework kind of song. His voice is epic…

Without You- Odesza- This is another chill trap song, and it’s amazing! It’s a remix of Somebody That I Used To Know- Gotye, and it gives me the feels. Their beats are life changing

G.O.M.D- J.Cole- This is where my friends don’t understand. I’m a huge girl typical basic girl. My music taste, not so much. But I love J.Cole. This song gets my going haha it’s amazingly written and the lyrics are sick

I hope this gave you better view of my personal life!







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