My Workout Routine


I’m a bit of a workout junkie if you know me…. It’s just such a stress reliever and I love the feeling after. I found my favorite routine so far, and I thought I would share it with all of you:

I usually start with some stretches. That’s some toe touches, back bends, lunge stretches, and anything else like pulling my arms above my head. I just do this to get my muscles ready, and prevent from getting sore the next day.

I usually start with some warm up strength training after that. Which includes:

40 plank leg raises (get into plank position, and raise the leg up and six inches down)

20 second plank

40 side dog leg raises (get into a dog like position and lift the leg in 90 degree shape)

30 second high plank

60 sit ups

40 squats

Than I jump into cardio. Honestly some days are so busy and my timings for cardio totally vary. I usually do between 20-30 minutes depending on the day:

80 jumping jacks

20-30 on the bow flex tread climber

Finish off with some stretches:)

I really just wanted to include that everyone should try to get healthier, your size does not matter as long as it’s not a health risk to you! I still get self consiecous to this day, but it’s about being a healtheir person! And if you don’t feel motivation try to buy yourself new clothes or create a really good workout playlist. 







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