Mini Haul | Lush Cosmetics

One of my favorite cosmetic companies are Lush. They’re an all natural handmade cosmetic company. Their stuff is so amazing, and smells heavenly, so I thought I’d share what I got with you all

The Olive Branch Shower Gel– This is a super moisturizing body wash, and the smell is super great. It’s unisex which means it’s not specified with one gender. I love that, because it has a super light and musky. It contains olive oil and mandarin juice for a super cleansing and refreshing combination.

Karma Soap– The smell of this soap is actually everything. Plus the texture is so interesting. The scent is super refreshing and invigorating with spicy patchouli, lemongrass, orange oil, and pine oil.

Each Peach Massage Bar– The last thing I got was a massage bar. These are supposed to be great for sore muscle and I’m really excited for that. They massage and relieve tension through the oils used. I got the Each Peach Bar which smells very similar to the Karma Soap. It’s very citrus musk based, which is what I tend to go for. I sadly could not link this one, but all there massage bars are great depending on your smell preference!



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