My Choker Collection | 2016

I’m not a huge jewelry wearer. I always get way too irritated to keep it on, but the choker trend is one I love. I think they’re all super cute and go with almost everything. I have a couple, and I thought I’d share which ones I have so far

Rhinestone Diamond Choker- love love love this one. It’s so elegant, and I like how it fits a little down on the throat. It dresses up any outfit, without looking like too much. I love the design and the way that the rhinestones are placed on this necklace. I’m obsessed

Black Choker with Pearl- this is the first choker I bought and I love it. It’s super simple, yet goes with almost everything and adds a bit of an edge to any look.

Pink Velvet- I love velvet. Anything velvet I’m all over it, so I love the combination of the color on material on this choker. It’s simple, yet cute

Lace Up Choker- This one I’ve had the hardest time trying to find the perfect outfit for it, but the choker itself I think is super cute. It’s a simple black crochet with velvet in the middle and a string tie. It’s a bit more dramatic, and grundgy

Rhinestone Gold Choker- I think this falls along the classier side of chokers and I love that. I love the gold and larger rhinestones on this one. It does a good job at dressing up a simple sweater or skirt look.


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