Bralette Collection | January 2017

The bralette trend is one of the cutest. They’re so pretty and super comfortable. I have just a few of them, but I’m obsessed. I think they compliment any outfit, no matter what style of clothing you go for. Hope you enjoy x

Calvin Klein Bralette– favorite bralette ever. it’s a bit more on the sports bra style, but I love wearing this with just a flannel. It’s super trendy, and simplistic.

Victoria’s Secret Racerback Bralette– I love the lace and color of this bralette, it’s gorgeous, but super delicate.

Victoria’s Secret Long Line Halter– This one again so super cute. It looks amazing underneath tee shirts or any other casual tops.

Aerie Hi-Neck Bralette– This one is super different and that’s why I like it. The lace is super pretty and I love how it looks under off the shoulder tops.

Aerie Lace Cross Back– This is just the standard bralette that works for everything. It’s super comfy and on the thinner side.

Aerie Racerback Boho– This is just like the last is pretty standard, but cute. The straps are thicker so they peak through a bit more, but the material is a bit more on the structured side.

Remington Racerback Lace– Love the front of this one, it’s designed to look so cute. The color is also gorgeous.


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3 thoughts on “Bralette Collection | January 2017

  1. I agree with you, bralettes are super comfortable and go well with a lot of outfit. I love to use surge sport tops that let see a little of the bralette.

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