How To: Winged Liner

The trickiest thing for me to get with makeup was how to do winged liner. For months I couldn’t get it right. The band would be too thick and the wing would be to dull to look nice. I finally figured out to get the perfect wing every time.

First make you sure you have a good liquid or gel liner to use. I prefer a liquid felt tip one like the Tattoo Liner by Kat Von D or the Sketch Marker from Too Faced. If you’re a beginner I recommend going with one of these due to the fact they’re much easier to control and build up.

After you have your chosen liner, I start by making the wing part first. I start diagonally from the bottom lash line and make a line upward. After that I go just a tad bit from the end of the line and connect it to the lid part filling in the sparse are. All that’s left now is to create the liner of the eye. The is super easy, just keep a steady hand and start with a thin line. Keep building up the lines thickness to match the wing you made. The thicker the wing the thicker the liner, and vice versa. Doing this reverse method has helped so much without messing up the rest of my liner.



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