My Eyebrow Routine | Simple and Easy

I always get a ton of compliments on my brows, and the best part is I have a super easy and simple routine for them.

Starting off with Grooming I get my eyebrows threaded once every two or so weeks. I thinking threading is your best option if you’re thinking about grooming your brows or want to switch over. The process if not too painful, and way more precise than waxing.

After my eyebrows have been groomed the rest is pretty simple. I start by brushing out the hair with a spooly to keep them straight, and than taking a small flat brush (mine is from Tarte) I get a bit of dark brown eyeshadow. I find using eyeshadow makes the brows a bit softer and more natural looking. I outline the brows, fill in the sparse area, and lastly take the small bit left and do a couple strokes in the front of the brow. Once all the shadow part is done, I spooly them one more time, and I’m done.

If your brows are a bit more unruly I suggest using a brow gel to tame them down, but mine stay in place for the most part.



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