Spring Home-Decor | Ideas and Tour

As spring roles in changing up your home decor is great to lighten up with some new pieces. I love spring trends and incorporating new pieces to spice up your living space. Wayfair, a home decor and furniture store, has all the things you will need to spice up your home for this new and bright season.

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Floral Arrangements:

The one thing I love incorporating to home decor are flower arrangements. Not only do you not have to worry about these beautiful flowers dying, but the brighten up any room and you can place them anywhere. This one is a beautiful arrangement of artificial Orchids, Roses, Feathers, and Silk Flowers from Wayfair! To give some light and add more depth to the room I placed this arrangement right next to a gold circular mirror simultaneously making the living space appear larger and brightening up the room.


To fill in a room and add more dimension adding trays are also key. I love these two in a blue marble design, and a simple wooden one. Adding small items on top gives personality to the room, and brings in different colors to balance a room. Wooden trays are popping up this spring, and adding candles and even snacks on top can give a homey lived in feel to any home or apartment.

Paintings and Art:

The last touch of decor are adding small painting around the room. It’s easy to cluter your house with too many decorations, but adding small art pieces in a uniform manner can really add symmetry and give the final touches of finishing on a room.

This Spring you can spice up your room for that perfect renewed touch. Items like pillows, trays, artwork, and floral arrangements can take a basic room to one in the spreads of a catalog, and with the help of Wayfair you can easily access the decor needed to get that for a reasonable price!



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