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Last week, I finally got an instagram (lateef_sammy), and since then have been loving photography even more. Recently, I was thinking about photography and just how much goes into a pictures.

When I take my photos I try to capture a similar look in all of them, as if they are related in a way. My personal favorite is a large contrast with a dark blue or black base in photos, but there are so many themes you can mainly go for.

Getting into the set up, I love using pinterest to find places or landscapes that are more my aesthetic or better photographed. The main thing you should look for is good natural light. Lighting is a major factor in whether a picture will turn out the way you want it. The best time to get photos is with natural light when the weather is a bit cloudy. This overcast gives natural light, but leaves out harsh lighting from the sun.

Angles are also very important. I really love using the grid on my phone to help get a perfect layout of my photos. This makes sure everything is centered or even. Angles are just as important when taking pics of clothing or yourself. Things don’t photograph exactly how they look in person, so for clothing it is essential to really capture it the best way possible. For selfies really try finding what works for you. Most of the time it’s an upper angle a little more to one side!

When taking pictures of fashion and food alike, having blank space is super helpful. It gives dimension to the photo and can help keep a major theme throughout a photo, and add a good amount of balance.

A good camera is also essential. I take most all my photos on my iphone 6S and find they take really well. As for editing I use vsco cam and the HB filters in particular, in combination with the Ludwig Instagram filter! If you are serious about improving photography a real camera can very much help.

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