Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette Review



I have had my eyes on this palette for so long after watching so many makeup tutorials using it I finally purchased it myself!

Starting with the packaging I really loved it. Too Face always seems to have really nice quality packaging and the palette was super sleek and the coloring and smell was very well thought out.

When swatching the shadows I really like the color selection and the sticking to theme in the palette while still including enough mattes and different shades to make a complete eye look. I really loved the super peach shades and the more darkened ones in one look.

Getting in to how they wore I was super surprised. They stayed on all day as vibrant as they were in the begging, and blending them out is extremely easy and the color pay off is as good as expected. Before I was not a huge fan of Too Faced shadows, but after this palette I really enjoy them and the way they were through the day pigmentation and blending wise.

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