Comfy Clothes Haul


I’m a sucker for comfy lounge clothes. They’re by far my favorite things to buy, because not only are the super comfortable they’re also super cute!

Sherpa Pullover (Blue)  • I got this pullover and I have not taken it off since. It’s amazingly comfortable and over sized and keeps you so freaking warm all day with all so being so soft.

Reindeer Thermal • This so so freaking cute I can not. I love the print and how festive it is, and the length is also super nice. I would recommend going a size up if you don’t like tight clothing because it is a thermal!

Flannel Boxers •  I love the pattern on these. They don’t keep you too warm, but they are super cozy

Crew Sweatshirt • These are like the original idea of comfy lounge wear, and they’re the best. I wear them to school basically everyday

Black Leggings • There’s not much to say about black leggings besides that everyone needs them. I love the one’s from VS and Gap just cause they’re super durable and fit really well

Fuzzy Socks • I can’t even link one because I have bought SO many, but my favorite place to get them are Target and Gap. They’re super cute, affordable, and keep you extra warm in the cold

Faur Fur Pink Slippers • SO obsessed with these babies. They’re legit so extra and I’m here for it. They’re just a pink faux fur slipper, the only thing I would recommend is going a size down from your normal

I hope you guys stay comfortable and warm this winter. Have a lovely holiday seasons

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