Winter Night Routine | 2018

I’ve been obsessed with watching other people’s night routine and decided to finally do my own! This is my chill average winter school night routine:

Starting at about 3 I get home from school! This was my outfit today, I wore this ripped boyfriend jeans from American Eagle, with a Calvin Klein sweatshirt and some white vans! I just kept my hair straight and did my everyday makeup routine which is already up on this blog, if you’d like to check it out.

Once I get home, I usually set my stuff down and go to grab a snack! I usually grab a protein bar or some fruit and go hangout in my room for a bit. I am in my junior year which has been pretty hectic so I like to have a 30 min or so break and get on my phone while relaxing a little.


After my snack I start my homework, which usually takes me about 4-6 hours on any given day depending on if I have a test or not the following day!

After finishing that up I try to work out almost everyday depending on my schedule and today I did a workout from Sarah’s Day! It was really good to sweat and get some me time, and then I headed to take a shower.

So the first thing I grab are these Neutrogena Wipes and get all my makeup of the day off! If I workout I try and do this before. Then I just hop in the shower, today I didn’t wash my hair so I used this body wash  and scrub from Bath and Body Works that smells divine and this lip scrub from Ulta.


After the shower I throw on my robe and my hair in a towel, and get my skincare stuff. I use this coconut water spray for hydration and when that’s pretty dry and I just use my Clinique moisturizer and rosebud salve on my lips. I then brush out my hair with some Pureology spray in it! I lastly slip into some pajamas, today I wore these floral print shorts from Loft, a tank top from Gap, and this cardigan from Forever 21.

I usually make my way downstairs and eat dinner and hang out with my family some and drink tea and relax a bit. After an hour, I head back upstairs, brush my teeth and review over some school notes and then talk on the phone or watch netflix until I decide to go to bed!

My night routine is pretty basic, but I hope you enjoyed this more relaxed post.

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