Hair Care Routine |2018

I recently took 6 inches off my hair and have finally found a routine that’s made my hair significantly healthier! My hair is naturally  wavy/curly and its dyed toward the ends, so finding products that work can be a little difficult at times.

Starting off with in the shower I have been loving the Pantene Repair Shampoo, it really has helped heal my hair while also not stripping it out. I follow this with the Pantene Volume Mousse Conditioner, which has been my obsession lately. It gives volume and softness without leaving the hair oily an d weighed down!

After the shower I use the Color Fanatic Leave In Hair Treatment, which is the best part of my whole hair care routine. It helps detangle and leaves the hair nourished while protecting from heat which really helps with colored hair. I just mist this into my hair and detangle with my Wet Brush.

Lastly, I oil my hair about once a week. I like to use Amal Oil, it really nourishes the hair from heat damage and keeps it shiny and soft.

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