How to stay organized + productive


Getting organized can be super tough, and believe me when I say I used to be all over the place losing stuff and forgetting things and assignments. I finally found ways that work for me to help me keep my head on that are super simple with a bit of effort

☆Keep a Calendar
This one helps me by far the most I have a calendar and agenda I got from Target, they’re both super cute and it makes it so easy to track important dates and assignments coming up. You always think you can remember everything but some things are bound to slip!

☆Plan Out
This one can be hard because plans come up but try your best to stick to a schedule. Not making one can lead to missed time and assignments creeping up without knowledge. If you designate a certain day for certain things you can finish them in a more timely manner and give yourself less future stress

☆Don’t Procrastinate
This one I still struggle with, but I notice whenever I just get my work done as soon as I get it I’m way less stressed and can focus on other things with more free time

☆Keep a Tidy Living Space
I’m totally in tune with my environment and whenever it’s clean I feel way more productive. Keeping your space tidy can help keep you on track and give you more motivation to stay on track and get your work done

☆Don’t Over Work
This one can be a struggle for most, I’m the type to load up my plate and realize after that it’s just too much. You’re human, don’t forget to treat yourself like one and allow breaks to not burn you out completely leading to less motivation and disorder!

I hope this can help you keep yourself motivated and organized

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