Underhyped: Bare Minerals Vital Power Infusion

bareminerals3Bare Minerals is a hit or miss brand. I recently purchased the bare minerals vital power infusion serum, and I was quite skeptical.

The product is a light serum, that is supposed to help with anti-ageing, skin glow, and tightness. The serum costs $48 from Sephora, and is about 1.7 ounce bottle. The packaging is so beautiful first off. It’s a push bottle in a rose gold ombre, and I think this is one of my favorite product packaging.

The product itself is amazing! It actually does what it says. The product tightens your skin, and makes you glow beautifully. I also noticed this is a great thing to put on before makeup, because it also tightens the pores up, and makes the skin super smooth.

I totally recommend spending the money on this. Buying a really good serum, is something I think splurging on is worth it!

You can purchase it through here:  Bare Minerals Serum

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